Thriving Texas metal fabrication company for sale

Good Metal Fabrication Company For Sale For $7,000,000! Established Since 1995. Robust enterprise with an very, amazing, esteemed, consumer base! This sale includes a business valued at around $5 million, (7.4 acres of prime real estate, shop & office facilities, gear & tools valued at approx. $4 million plus assets that participate in the running organization (inventory & vehicles) valued at approx. $1 million. Real estate & gear will probably be leased if not bought).

texas metal fabrication company for sale has a profit margin of about 10-20%. This company has a very good product sales, office crew & exceptional plant folks which are all prepared to stick with new managers if wanted or needed. The builders all concentrate on stainless & carbon steel, brass, copper & aluminum. Seller states that the true value is incorporated in the skilled people that the firm employs. Turnkey services include: Auto Cad design, Assembly, Field Installation, Light & Heavy Fabrication, Sandblastingm Painting, Water Jet Cutting & Transportation.

Present tasks include: 70% of buisness is for off shore oil drilling platforms or oil and gas associated industry. The residual 30% of the organization in Storage facilities, SCR Houses, Skids, Plug Panels, Doors, Counter tops, Dog Houses, Vent Hoods, Railings, Ornamental Handrails & a lot more. Seller put in $1.5 million. in 2007/2008 in developing a new shops & sophisticated cutting products (water jet) to raise the revenue of the organization by $4-$5 million.

The Plant Area consists of :

-Free standing durable metal buildings, insulated, concrete floor, with all tools, 22,000 sq.ft.;

-Free standing metal building, “Paint & sandblast Shop”, concrete floor with paved driveway, all utilities, 6,000 sq.ft.;

-Protected Shop space with the roof protect & concrete floor (7500 sq.ft.);

-Free standing metal building, “Mechanic Shop”, concrete floor, 1,500 sq.ft.;

-Lay down area, crushed concrete area for durable storage, total of 40,000 sq.ft.

Office facility includes:

-Office building, new,

-ten places of work

-brand-new furniture

-computer & telephone systems & servers

-Brick house “Showroom”

-fully renovated, 2,000 sq.ft.

Employee parking,

-crushed concrete floor,

-12,000 sq.ft.;

Office & guest parking

-concrete floor, 5,500 sq.ft.;
Heavy duty driveway

-7” concrete

-26,000 sq.ft.

New fence, several sections.

texas metal fabrication company for sale