oil investments

Venezuela to Revoke Contracts of Underperforming Oil Firms

Venezuela’s oil minister urge partner oil firms to boost oil production but warns of contract revocation if desired levels are not achieved.

Alaskan Oil Bill Prompts Conoco to Up Capital Investments

Alaska expects more oil investments with new tax bill. Oil Firms embrace tax incentives but critics say the state stands to lose billions.

Thailand Oil Company Plans Oil and Gas Exploration in Burma

PTTEP of Thailand is planning to pursue huge oil investments for exploration in Burma and other nations abroad.

Oil investments advance as EU enacts Iranian embargo

Crude oil rises on the charts, as the EU agrees to enforce the US’ embargos on Iranian oil.

Protests in Kazakhstan, supply halts in Iran bolster oil investments

Crude oil rises on the charts, as global cues seem to temporarily point upwards.

Moody’s credit ratings review takes toll on oil investments

Crude oil falls on the commodity index under newfound credit pressure from Moody’s Investors Service.

Major Advantages in oil investments

The sensible but good advantages of oil investments Investors in the oil and gas market often speak of the money-making advantages of their investments. Before engaging in an investment, nonetheless, you must review the various great things about oil and gas investment, along with the probable levels of capital probability. This will allow you to [...]