oil exploration

Brazil to Perform Initial Oil Exploration Bid

Brazil will hold an initial auction of its oil exploration acreage in October.

Venezuela to Revoke Contracts of Underperforming Oil Firms

Venezuela’s oil minister urge partner oil firms to boost oil production but warns of contract revocation if desired levels are not achieved.

Nigerian Community Appeals to UN Over Dangerous Oil Exploration

The Nembe Kingdom in Nigeria appeals to the United Nations regarding the dangerous oil exploration performed in its community by Shell.

Turkey Calls Foreign Firms to Participate in Black Sea Oil Exploration

Turkey seeks foreign oil companies to explore oil at the Black Sea

Iraq Signs New Oil Exploration Deal

Iraq signs a new oil exploration deal with Kuwait Energy and Dragon Oil.

Platform Arrives in Cuba for Oil Exploration

A new platform recently arrived in Cuba’s offshore area for a new oil exploration project.

Honduras and BG Group Signed Oil and Gas Exploration Memorandum

Honduras partners with BG Group on an oil and gas exploration program in the Honduran area that is potentially rich in hydrocarbons.

Oil Drilling and Exploration Continues to be a Success by TOTAL

France-based oil giant, Total S.A., keeps on achieving success in its oil drilling and oil exploration activities.

Petrobas Postpones Oil Drilling Plans in New Zealand

Petrobas announced that it had postponed its oil drilling plans in New Zealand’s off coast.

Natchez Request Delay of Hearing for Approval of Arlington Oil Exploration

The city of Natchez is set to request a delay of the hearing for the possible approval of oil exploration in Arlington.

Afren plans to drill and explore for oil in East Africa

Afren plans to drill and explore for oil in 13 blocks located in East Africa in the next 18 to 24 months.

Public Consent to Offshore Oil Exploration in New Zealand Opposed

The chief executive of New Zealand’s oil industry says that public consent should not be required for oil exploration in its Exclusive Economic Zone.

Shell Starts Beaufort Sea Oil Drilling

Royal Dutch Shell Plc starts drilling in its Beaufort Sea prospect in Northern Alaska.

Dutch Royal Shell to End Arctic Offshore Oil Drilling this Year

Royal Dutch Shell made an announcement that it is ending its offshore oil exploration this year after it destroyed an oil spill containment structure.

Oil fracking in Ohio can boost local economy

Steubenville, Ohio hopes oil fracking ventures will help boost incomes while Obama relaxes fracking rules.

New EPA rule may hurt oil industry

API remains anxious on the cost efficiency of EPA’s new rules on pollution control despite the agency’s assurance.