Current gasoline prices

Drivers Seeing Cheapest Gasoline Prices Today Since 2008

Drivers in the U.S. are currently looking at cheaper prices of gasoline since 2008.

Current Gasoline Prices in the U.S. are Falling

The current gasoline prices in the United States are falling with rising refinery output and lower crude oil prices.

Current Gasoline Prices Rise as 2012 Comes to an End

Current gas prices increase as the year comes to an end and as fiscal cliff negotiations are still unknown.

Lower Gasoline Price Average may Reverse with Hurricane Sandy

The lower prices of gasoline today may start to increase because of Hurricane Sandy.

Gasoline Prices are Falling Nationwide

The prices of gasoline nationwide are falling, a good thing prior to the highly travelled thanksgiving holiday.

World Bank Warning Pulls Current Oil Prices to Two-Month Low

The warning of the World Bank of Asia’s further slowdown pulled the current price of oil lower to its lowest settlement in two months.

Rising Gasoline Prices Today may Soon End in Syracuse, New York

Gasoline in the Syracuse area and in other metropolitan areas in New York is increasing. But, that may already end soon.

Current Gasoline Price Rises in California Start to Stabilize

The expected price increases in gasoline after the Aug 6 fire at Chevron’s Richmond refinery seemed to have stabilized.

Current Gasoline Prices may be the Worst for 2012

The current gasoline prices for the Labor Day may be the worst for the year. But, some relief may be expected about 100 days from now.

Sacramento Gas Prices Start to Rise

The gasoline prices in Sacramento started to move in the opposite direction from its consecutive downward trend.

Southern Californian Gasoline Prices Continue to Drop

Cities in Southern California continue to experience a fall in gasoline prices compared to the past months.