crude price per barrel

Oil Prices Move Lower

The current price of oil moved lower before the release of the economic data from China and the U.S.

Oil Prices Fall Close to $96

The price of oil fell to nearly $96 after U.S. crude supply report and China’s inflation data.

Current Oil Price Declines on Employment Data

The current price of oil declines as excitement over last week’s strong employment report in the U.S. fades.

Current Oil Price Dropped Slightly to $95

The current price of oil falls close to $94 after Japan released a weak manufacturing report and on expected U.S. crude inventory increases.

High Supply to Bring Down Oil Prices to $80 in the Coming Years

High supply due to increased production in the U.S., Canada and Iraq is expected to pull current oil prices down to $80 in the coming years.

Oil Prices Unlikely to Drop Lower than $100 says Iranian Oil Minister

The oil minister of Iran said that it is unlikely for the current price of oil to fall lower than $100 per barrel

Current Oil Prices Move in Different Directions

The current prices of oil are mixed as Brent prices decline and WTI prices move up.

Current Oil Prices Increase with Rising Stock Markets

The current prices of oil increase with the rise in the stock markets.

Current Oil Prices Gain over $1

The price of oil gains more than one dollar to reach above $94 per barrel.

Current Oil Prices Rise after New US Sanctions versus Iran

Current oil prices increased after the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran.

Current Oil Prices Lower in Asian Trade

Current prices of oil in Asian trading are lower with investors locking in profits from recent gains.

Oil Price Drops as Supply Outweighed Rising Demand Expectations

Current oil prices dropped on reports of rising crude supplies outweighed expectations of increasing demand this year.

Current Oil Prices Fell Slightly with Prediction of US Crude Supply Rise

The current oil prices fall slightly as analysts predict a rise in U.S. crude supplies.

Current Oil Prices Drop with New Economic Strains

Current crude oil prices fall with new economic strains caused by France’s ratings downgrade and worries on Middle Eastern supplies due to Gaza-Israel tensions.

Current Oil Prices Modestly Rise Prior to US Election and Chinese Power Shift

The current price of oil reflects a slight increase before the elections in the US and a threatening power change in China.

Current Crude Oil Price Mixed in Calm Trading

Analysts say that the mixed prices in the current crude oil prices are due to positive economic data along with weak world demand projections.

Weaker Chinese Demand Pushes Current Oil Prices Lower

Data showing that fuel demand in China is weakening pushed the current oil prices lower.

OPEC – Oil Market is Well Supplied despite Oil Price Worries

OPEC’s secretary general said that the market has sufficient crude supplies despite fears and worries on the high oil prices today.

New Stimulus from Fed Pushes Current Brent Price to $117

The current price of Brent moves closer to $117 per barrel due to the Fed Reserve’s announcement of new economic stimulus.

Trade Journal Report Pushed Current Oil Prices Lower

The report from a trade journal saying that countries in the West may release strategic oil reserves led the current oil prices to decline.

Current Oil Prices Fell with Weaker Hopes for New Stimulus

The current price of oil declined as hopes weakened that there will be a new set of economic stimulus for the U.S.

Lundberg Survey: Current Gas Prices Increase with Rise in Crude Costs

The Lundberg Survey shows an increase in the current gasoline prices which is attributed to the higher prices of each barrel of crude.

Oil Prices Reached their Two-Month High

Oil prices reached their highest level in two months due to stimulus hopes by the Fed and the growing tensions in the Middle East.