Southern Californian Gasoline Prices Continue to Drop

Drivers in Southern California are spending less for every gallon with the current gasoline prices compared to last month.

In the county of Los Angeles, the recent average of self-serve regular gas was lower by 13.2 cents compared to the past week at $3.793 per gallon. That rate is also lower by 51 cents compared to last month. The figures are based from Weekend Gas Watch, Southern California’s Automobile Club.

In the Orange County, gasoline price averages at $3.751, a rate that was lower by 12.9 cents and 51 cents versus last week and last month respectively, according to the Automobile Club.

The average gasoline price in San Diego of $3.774 was a decline of about 12 cents compared to last week and 51 cents compared to last month.

Jeffrey Spring, the spokesman of the Auto Club, said that Southern California’s July 4 travel is expected to rise by 5.2% compared to 2011 and the fall in gasoline prices will give travelers additional money in their budget.

For the first time this year, gasoline’s average price is lower compared to the previous year, said the Auto Club. It is particularly lower by 5 cents compared to the same period last year.

Los Angeles’ average gasoline price is lower by 60 cents compared to the highest rate this year. The average gasoline price in the city since the start of the year up to the current period is about $4.12 per gallon.

The highest gasoline price throughout the state of California is in San Francisco, with a recent average of $3.948. On the other hand, the lowest average gasoline price is at Yuba City at $3.693.

The average gasoline prices is provided by the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report which gives a daily poll of credit card receipts from over 100,000 gas stations throughout the U.S. counted by the Oil Price Information Service.

By: Chris Termeer