Oil Drilling and Exploration Continues to be a Success by TOTAL

The aggressive oil drilling technique of oil and gas giant TOTAL S.A. continues to show good results. The result of the drilling project in the Gulf of Mexico’s Garden Banks Block 959 is a discovery with a net oil pay of several hundred feet in the Lower Tertiary sands.

Oil drilling was performed to a depth of 34,500. TOTAL and Cobalt International Energy are part owners of the field, having an interest if 40 percent and 60 percent, respectively.

Since the first discovery from the field was good, oil drilling will be performed on more oil exploration wells to confirm the finding’s size and the project’s commercial usefulness.

This is the first discovery of its kind in the Lower Tertiary Wilcox, which confirms the formation’s northern extension and the existence of oil in the area. In a way, this opens up another possible oil exploration area in the Gulf of Mexico where the company currently has considerable property.

The new exploration well is a part of the company’s quarter four exploration schedule for this year. Moreover, TOTAL will perform more oil drilling activities in the Ivory Coast, Iraq, Gabon and Kenya.

TOTAL keeps on achieving sucess when drilling of other fields as well. The company just found oil in the prospect of Garantiana located in block PL554 in the North Sea of Norway.

More oil drilling activity by TOTAL will open the way for growth in the future and strength operationally. But, the operators have to be very careful of their offshore operations’ safety. BP’s Macondo oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be a warning for the whole industry.

TOTAL is one of the biggest publicly traded and globally integrated oil and gas firms, according to production volumes, market capitalization and established reserves. The France-based firm has oil exploration and production across five continents.

By: Chris Termeer