Natchez Request Delay of Hearing for Approval of Arlington Oil Exploration

The City of Natchez is about to appear before the Oil and Gas Board of Mississippi to ask for a hearing that may possibly defer oil exploration near Arlington for one more time.

Butch Brown, the city’s Mayor, will be attending the meeting to request for a continuance. In August of this year, the city’s request was granted by the board with a continuance for 90 days.

Late last year and again in January this year, RMB Exploration performed initial oil exploration in Arlington without complying with the city’s permitting process.

The firm has since sought permission from the board of the state.

Mike Biglane of RMB Exploration appeared for approval before the Preservation Commission of Natchez last January. At that time, permission was not granted. Biglane never came back to the commission after the oil exploration led to a dry hole.

Biglane only came back to the commission last May with a revised application for a second proposal for the oil operation.

The oil exploration well was rejected by the preservation and planning commissions of Natchez. The Natchez Board of Aldermen denied the appeal of Biglane to the decision of the preservation commission.

Biglane submitted an application with the oil and gas board to obtain authority to perform oil drilling on a well that the city previously denied. The suggestion of the city was to perform horizontal oil drilling from a location which will be less damaging to the property, according to Brown.

By: Chris Termeer

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