Current Gasoline Prices Rise as 2012 Comes to an End

Current gas prices increase as the year comes to an end and as fiscal cliff negotiations are still unknown.

British Columbia Bans Oil and Gas Exploration in Sacred Headwaters

British Colombia banned oil and gas exploration in the province’s Sacred Headwaters and stopped offering oil and gas leases.

Platform Arrives in Cuba for Oil Exploration

A new platform recently arrived in Cuba’s offshore area for a new oil exploration project.

Honduras and BG Group Signed Oil and Gas Exploration Memorandum

Honduras partners with BG Group on an oil and gas exploration program in the Honduran area that is potentially rich in hydrocarbons.

Current Gasoline Prices in Tulsa Fall below $3

Drivers in Tulsa welcomed a pre-Christmas surprise at the pump as prices in the area are already below $3.

Oil Drilling and Exploration Continues to be a Success by TOTAL

France-based oil giant, Total S.A., keeps on achieving success in its oil drilling and oil exploration activities.

Brent Crude Price Drops with Weak Eurozone Retail Data

Brent dropped below $109 on weak eurozone retail data and the poor U.S. job numbers and an increase in the stocks of refined products.

Petrobas Postpones Oil Drilling Plans in New Zealand

Petrobas announced that it had postponed its oil drilling plans in New Zealand’s off coast.