Natchez Request Delay of Hearing for Approval of Arlington Oil Exploration

The city of Natchez is set to request a delay of the hearing for the possible approval of oil exploration in Arlington.

Woodside Petroleum to Focus on Oil and Gas Exploration in Myanmar

Perth-based Woodside Petroleum ruled out oil and gas exploration in East Africa and will focus instead in less expensive countries like Myanmar.

Current Oil Prices Drop with New Economic Strains

Current crude oil prices fall with new economic strains caused by France’s ratings downgrade and worries on Middle Eastern supplies due to Gaza-Israel tensions.

Lundberg Survey – Current Gasoline Price in the US Reflects a Two-Week Drop

The current gasoline price average in the United States reflects a drop in the last two weeks according to the latest Lundberg Survey.

Afren plans to drill and explore for oil in East Africa

Afren plans to drill and explore for oil in 13 blocks located in East Africa in the next 18 to 24 months.

Current Oil Prices Move above $85

The current price of oil move higher than $85 with the on-going volatility after the election.

Current Oil Prices Modestly Rise Prior to US Election and Chinese Power Shift

The current price of oil reflects a slight increase before the elections in the US and a threatening power change in China.