Lower Gasoline Price Average may Reverse with Hurricane Sandy

The lower prices of gasoline today may start to increase because of Hurricane Sandy.

Gasoline Prices are Falling Nationwide

The prices of gasoline nationwide are falling, a good thing prior to the highly travelled thanksgiving holiday.

Public Consent to Offshore Oil Exploration in New Zealand Opposed

The chief executive of New Zealand’s oil industry says that public consent should not be required for oil exploration in its Exclusive Economic Zone.

Current Crude Oil Price Mixed in Calm Trading

Analysts say that the mixed prices in the current crude oil prices are due to positive economic data along with weak world demand projections.

World Bank Warning Pulls Current Oil Prices to Two-Month Low

The warning of the World Bank of Asia’s further slowdown pulled the current price of oil lower to its lowest settlement in two months.

Shell Starts Beaufort Sea Oil Drilling

Royal Dutch Shell Plc starts drilling in its Beaufort Sea prospect in Northern Alaska.

Rising Gasoline Prices Today may Soon End in Syracuse, New York

Gasoline in the Syracuse area and in other metropolitan areas in New York is increasing. But, that may already end soon.

Current Gasoline Price Rises in California Start to Stabilize

The expected price increases in gasoline after the Aug 6 fire at Chevron’s Richmond refinery seemed to have stabilized.