Drop in Current Gasoline Prices Expected in Final Quarter of 2012

The current gasoline prices are expected to drop in the last three months of the present year.

Weaker Chinese Demand Pushes Current Oil Prices Lower

Data showing that fuel demand in China is weakening pushed the current oil prices lower.

OPEC – Oil Market is Well Supplied despite Oil Price Worries

OPEC’s secretary general said that the market has sufficient crude supplies despite fears and worries on the high oil prices today.

Dutch Royal Shell to End Arctic Offshore Oil Drilling this Year

Royal Dutch Shell made an announcement that it is ending its offshore oil exploration this year after it destroyed an oil spill containment structure.

New Stimulus from Fed Pushes Current Brent Price to $117

The current price of Brent moves closer to $117 per barrel due to the Fed Reserve’s announcement of new economic stimulus.

Survey – Current Gasoline Prices Head to Highest Level this Year

The Lundberg survey shows that the current gasoline price average of the United States is headed to its highest level for 2012.

Current Gasoline Prices may be the Worst for 2012

The current gasoline prices for the Labor Day may be the worst for the year. But, some relief may be expected about 100 days from now.