Trade Journal Report Pushed Current Oil Prices Lower

The report from a trade journal saying that countries in the West may release strategic oil reserves led the current oil prices to decline.

Hopes for Bernanke Aid to US Economy Pushes Current Crude Prices Higher

Hopes from the oil market that the Federal Reserve will do something to aid the slow growth of the US economy pushes current crude prices higher.

Current Gasoline Price Average Posts an Overnight Increase

The national average of the current gasoline prices posts an increase even if some areas reflect a drop in pump prices.

AAA – Gasoline Prices Keep on Increasing

According to the AAA, the current price of gasoline keeps on rising.

Lower Oil Prices Narrow US Trade Deficit in June

The cheaper current crude oil prices restricted imports and reduced the trade deficit of the United States to its smallest level in 1 1/2 years.

Permission to Restart Enbridge Pipeline Strengthens Canadian Crude Prices

the price of Canadian crude gets stronger with the permission given to Enbridge to restart Line 14.

Pipeline Shutdown can Push Michigan Current Gas Prices Higher

The current gas price in Michigan may continue to increase for the remaining days of the summer if the federal government pushes a pipeline to keep on closing.

Current Brent Crude Price Higher with Supply Concerns

The current price of Brent is higher due to supply concerns of oil that comes from the North Sea and the Middle East.

Current Oil Prices Fell with Weaker Hopes for New Stimulus

The current price of oil declined as hopes weakened that there will be a new set of economic stimulus for the U.S.