Lundberg Survey: Current Gas Prices Increase with Rise in Crude Costs

The Lundberg Survey shows an increase in the current gasoline prices which is attributed to the higher prices of each barrel of crude.

Current Gas Price in Texas Increases for Three Consecutive Weeks

The current gasoline price in Texas reflects an increase for three straight weeks, still lower than the national and statewide average.

Lower Oil Prices Considered Major Cause for Q2 Profit Decline of Shell

The profits of Royal Dutch Shell fell for the second quarter of this year, mainly attributed to lower oil prices.

Sacramento Gas Prices Start to Rise

The gasoline prices in Sacramento started to move in the opposite direction from its consecutive downward trend.

Oil Prices Reached their Two-Month High

Oil prices reached their highest level in two months due to stimulus hopes by the Fed and the growing tensions in the Middle East.

Oil Prices Today Briefly Reached $90 per Barrel

The current oil price briefly reached $90 per barrel after a government report shows that oil demand in the United States is rising.

Current Oil Prices Increase with Stronger Euro and US Navy Incident

Prices of crude oil increase with stronger euro currency and the US Navy’s firing of a small vessel.

Current Oil Prices Drop with China Further Slows and Norway Resolves Strike

The worsening economic slowdown of China and the resolution to the strike of Norway’s oil workers pushed the current oil prices lower.

Current Oil Prices Increase with Iranian Threat and Strike in Norway

The price of oil recently increased because of Iran’s threat to block the Hormuz Strait and the current strike in Norway’s oil workers.

Southern Californian Gasoline Prices Continue to Drop

Cities in Southern California continue to experience a fall in gasoline prices compared to the past months.