Further Oil Price Increase Expected in Southern California with Huge Fire in Cherry Point Refinery

More increases in oil prices within Southern California are expected due to the fire that recently occurred in Cherry Point Refinery.

WTI-Brent Crude Spread Widened

The difference between prices of Brent crude and WTI crude has significantly widened to reach a level that is twice as much as its original rate when the year started.

High Gasoline Prices May Keep Increasing to Record Breaking Levels this Year

The currently high gasoline price in the U.S. may continue to rise and reach record breaking levels this year.

Sri Lanka Secretary Attributes High World Oil Prices to US Iranian Sanctions

Sri Lanka Ministry Secretary attributes high prices of oil worldwide to the sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Iran.

Tesoro Q4 Loss Caused by Sudden Changes in Crude Oil Prices

Tesoro Corp.’s loss in the fourth quarter of last year is attributed to the sudden changes in the prices of crude.

Oil Prices Fell Below $97 per Barrel amid Strong US Demand

Prices of oil fell below $97 per barrel in the midst of indications that U.S. demand for crude is strong.

Oil Prices Fall with Greek’s Inability to come up with a Deal to Stop Debt Default

Prices of oil fall as the failure of Greek policymakers to come up with a debt deal agreement resulted to lower demand for riskier assets.

Natural Gas Prices Reaches an All Time Low in a Decade with Increased Production

Prices of natural gas reached its lowest in ten years due to increased levels of production by oil companies.

Exxon Achieves Higher Q4 and Annual 2011 with Increased Oil Prices

Exxon posts higher profits for the fourth quarter and the entire year of 2011 due to high prices of oil.

Crude’s minor gains on commodity index will not sway trend

Crude posts small gains on the commodity charts, yet still faces grim projections for the rest of the year.